Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Interview at Boxbird and Metropolis Collaboration

Recently I was lucky enough to collaborate with super ace photographer Jan Von Holleben on a project for our agents at Pocko. I'm a big fan of Jan's work and was super pleased to get paired up with him and scribble over one of his photos. We had to create an image based on the theme of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Above is finished piece and if that isn't exciting enough then go and check out Boxbird for more verbal mumblings from myself. Yes, thats right another interview. So if the first one didn't bore you into a coma then there's more. Drone.


Alys Paterson said...

Hi Ben! I just found out you had a blog, your work is super great...I've admired it for ages..gonna go to Snap and get me some celebrity squares...alys

Chris Garbutt said...

Hey, love your work Ben.
I found your site through the ARK PROJECT. Looking forward to seeing what you do for that.
Thanks for linking my blog on your site too.