Monday 2 March 2009

Sneak Preview and excerpt from The Bento Bestiary

Words by Scott James Donaldson

Pleasingly hairier but no less alluring than the Western Mermaid, the Ningyo is a very special creature. Not only is this breed of Yokai blessed with golden scales upon their carp-like bodies, but they are also fortunate enough to have a cheeky little monkey’s face up top. More than likely, it is this dynamite combination that makes them such excellent flute players.
Found in seas off the coast of Japan, it is incredibly rude to catch and eat a Ningyo without it’s consent. If you do, you will probably die. Or there will at least be a very nasty storm. Somewhere.
If the Ningyo does invite you to sup upon it’s fragrant, tasty flesh, please be aware of the following:
• You will never grow old.
• You will never die.
• Everyone you ever loved will age and fall before your eyes and you will weep for all eternity in maddening solitude.
• You’ll look great.
Choose and Perish.

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