Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Bento Bestiary now on sale at Nobrow!

The Bento Bestiary is now available to buy from Nobrow as well as a new print taken from the first issue of the Nobrow 'Gods and Monsters' journal. This is my very first book and I was lucky enough to collaborate with my very good friend and writer extraordinaire, Scott James Donaldson (Scott is one of the writers for the 'Untimely' blog with fellow wordsmiths, Sam Butler and Philip Contos). Scott and Myself wanted to take the ancient Japanese Yokai and re-interpret them in a whole new light but still stay true to their origins. The result is this very sexy hand-printed book which was screen-printed in 3 colours by the very talented chaps at Nobrow and is limited to just 100 copies.

The 'Gods and Monsters' prints are actually the original images for two Yokai called Nue and Neko-mata. These prints were actually the catalyst for The Bento Bestiary and are for sale individually or as a set from Nobrow. Go on treat yourself!

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