Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mr Fish Dude at Piñatarama!

A big Thank you to Jorge Alderete fo asking me to take part in Pinatarama at the Vertigo Gallery in Mexico. Here is the press blurb for the show.

The piñata’s associated with the Latino culture, but historians point to Asia (especially China) as its actual point of origin. It’s supposed that the famous traveler Marco Polo’s visit to that nation, he saw how the Chinese created colorful animal figures covered with paper, which is hung with ornaments, and were used in the New Year celebrations. As a good observer, Polo brought Europe the idea of these early piñatas. Although housed in various regions of their religious significance, today, is considered a symbol of fun and entertainment.

Between contemporary design of characters and this popular tradition the project aims to let ourselves be surprised by the unexpected results arising from the interpretation of these characters by Mexican artisans who made them. And give the viewer a particular facility where the 30 piñatas “design” reflect the contemporary look of mixtures, juxtaposition and appropriation, in this case an object culturally ingrained in Latin America. Mexican artisans Ricardo Linares and Lorenzo García will be constructing the piñatas based on the designs of 25 worldwide artists including Cupco, Cecy Meade, Apak, S.britt, Snaggs, Tado, David Gamez, Gaston Caba, Sonni, and many more!

Who is that dapper sea creature? It's the Mr Fish Dude Piñata!
Here is a picture of more of the Pinatas. Go to nfgraphics to see a whole host of great photos of the show.
Also, I recently set up a facebook page so feel free to join up here for sneak previews of projects before I post them on this blog.

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Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

He's awesome, Ben! Crisp, clean and one of the most dapper pinatas I've seen.