Friday 30 May 2008


Illustration for the double review of two albums, TRICKY - Knowle West Boy and MARK STEWART - Edit. This will be featured in the July issue of Plan B. Check out the 80's blue electro- punk yeti!

Compass of Mystery Festival 2008

It's my third year in a row illustrating the Compass Film International programme guide.  The festival gets bigger and better every year. Previous year's themes have been Horror and Resistance. This year's theme is Mystery. Below is the front cover of the guide and the front and and back covers folded out to create a wrap around effect.

Thursday 29 May 2008

Happy Wheels Exhibition

Curated by Yaralt, the 'Happy Wheels' exhibition celebrates street culture and the power of two wheels. The exhibition started at the Arts center in Canteleu (France) on the 5th to the 26th April, 2008. It is now continuing at the Yaralt gallery in Rouen (France) from the 7th May to 15th June, 2008. Artists involved in the show include Jeremyville, Marcus Oakley, Shoboshobo, Adrian Johnson, Mr Crocodile, Fabrice Houdry, and many, many more.

Here is my contribution to the show. It's called 'BMX in the City'.