Monday, 30 March 2009

Climate Issues

I'm looking forward to taking a day off in May so that I can pluck all of my new gray hairs out of my head. The last couple of months have been non-stop so I just wanted to show you kind folks some images from a project I've been working on with Wonky, an animation studio based in Bristol. Hopefully, once pitched, this project will develop into a fantastic animated documentary or interactive game under the title 'Climate Changed'.

The first image represents an idea of our current climate with glaciers dwarfing cities but pollution still being a factor in our everyday lives.
This image represents the year 2050 if we continue expanding our cities and destroying our environment. Water levels will rise because the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and the sun will become more dangerous as the ozone layer is broken down due to the intense pollution.
The third and final image demonstrates that we need to find a way to even out what we take and what we give back environmentally so that we can reach a compromise with nature. The space cars below are hover cars that work by using reusable energies. I know they look stupidly futuristic but back in the 60's and 70's the interpretation of the year 2000 was freaking bonkers, just look at Buck Rogers. I suppose I'm still bitter that the 'Back to the Future II' hover boards were never made. Damn you Michael J Fox and damn you too 1980's.
I'll post some more of this project soon if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Bento Bestiary Presents Amirkiri

Here is one of my favourite Bento Beasties, the cheeky Amirkiri. The Bento Bestiary will be a limited edition book hand-printed by the fine gentlemen at Nobrow Limited. It's designed and illustrated by myself and written by the incredible Scott James Donaldson. I'm really excited about this book and hopefully more details will follow soon. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


If you haven't checked out the Covered blog then you should spend more time indoors looking on the internet. (It's a well known fact that computer screens give better 'tans' than the sun, just ask any doctor.) The premise for Covered is to round up cartoonists, illustrators and anyone else who likes to draw and get them to re-interpret comic book covers. It's such a simple and fantastically brilliant idea. It is updated once a day Monday to Friday and has me hooked.

I have had the original of this issue sat on a shelf for over a year and this blog finally gave me the excuse to re-draw it. You can see my version next to the original here.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Sneak Preview and excerpt from The Bento Bestiary

Words by Scott James Donaldson

Pleasingly hairier but no less alluring than the Western Mermaid, the Ningyo is a very special creature. Not only is this breed of Yokai blessed with golden scales upon their carp-like bodies, but they are also fortunate enough to have a cheeky little monkey’s face up top. More than likely, it is this dynamite combination that makes them such excellent flute players.
Found in seas off the coast of Japan, it is incredibly rude to catch and eat a Ningyo without it’s consent. If you do, you will probably die. Or there will at least be a very nasty storm. Somewhere.
If the Ningyo does invite you to sup upon it’s fragrant, tasty flesh, please be aware of the following:
• You will never grow old.
• You will never die.
• Everyone you ever loved will age and fall before your eyes and you will weep for all eternity in maddening solitude.
• You’ll look great.
Choose and Perish.