Monday 21 November 2011

Cover for Brummell Magazine

I loved working on this job it was really engaging and fun. The issue is themed around timepieces so the art director asked me to illustrate the watchfaces and cogs deconstructing and reconstructing in a similar way to one of my images for the MASKS exhibition. Check out the amazing past Brummell covers HERE. I am very proud to be among such a great selection of illustrators.

Astro Cats Wrapping Paper

Just in time for Christmas! This new 3 colour Astro Cat wrapping paper is now available from Nobrow. Click HERE to purchase some!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Come to 'Ghost Of Gone Birds', London this Saturday

Come to 'Ghost Of Gone Birds', London this Saturday (19th November) at 1pm to see the last colour of a new edition of the Bishop's 'o'o being printed live. I'll be signing these beauties as they fly of the screen printing beds. Come along it'll be great and the show is awesome so if you haven't see it yet then hurry up and come along.

'Ghost Of Gone Birds' is being exhibited at Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, London and is on until the 23rd November.

Kamen Riders Vs Super Sentai Exhibition

I feel very lucky to have been asked to take part in the 'Kamen Riders Vs Super Sentai' exhibition at Q Pop gallery in Los Angles. About 100 artists were asked to reinterpret any character or image from either of these classic Japanese children's TV shows into a one off piece of art. My one off prints are available HERE and HERE.

IBM Think Tank Illustrations

Around April, I was asked by French design agency Oglivy to work on 9 illustrations for IBM's next issue of their 'Think' magazine. The themes of the articles in the issue are about how the public sector in France can be improved by looking at how their private sector is run and how new media and technology can enhance that. All nine of the illustrations were very complex but we managed to wrap the job up in about two and a half weeks.... that consisted of very long days in the studio. Anyhoo, these illustrations are very clean and very bright... take a look.

Morality Test Illustrations for BBC Lab

Thirty three illustrations in two weeks..... yep, this was a real 'nose to the grindstone' job but also incredibly rewarding. I had to illustrate the scenarios for thirty three different questions to gauge your sense of morality for BBC Lab. You can take the test, see how moral you are and view all of the illustrations HERE. This was a great job and I really enjoyed stripping the images back and working on producing a strong compositional picture that helped enhanced the text for the reader. Here are a sample of eleven of the illustrations.