Tuesday 26 April 2011

NSPCC Foyer Images

A little while back myself and numerous other illustrators were asked by the NSPCC to create images to brighten up their foyer for visitors. We had to choose from a variety of words and I picked 'tiger' and 'robot'. A simple but incredibly fun brief. Below are the final illustrations and some shots of the illustrations hung in the foyer.
Here are some shots of the illustrations hung in the foyer. Thanks to Ashley May for his involvement in the project and for send the photos over.

Monday 25 April 2011

Window Drawing for Schuh's 30th Birthday

On Good Friday I was asked by Schuh to come down to their Bristol store in Cabot Circus and draw on their window for their 30th Anniversary. I was quite nervous about drawing in public because it really isn't something I ever do but that worry was all for nothing as the sun was shining and the folks at Schuh were super friendly. I had a great day and really enjoyed being out of the studio and drawing on a large scale. The photo below was taken by Neil from Schuh, who travelled down from their HQ in Edinburgh for the day, and tweeted the drawing in its various states of progress.
The brief for the drawing was to take any key moments from the past 30 years of pop culture and interpret them in my own way. I mainly drew inspiration from hip hop, punk, metal and Teen Wolf. The below pictures were taken by my friend and talented photographer, Pete Derrett. Pete dropped by to say hi and was a welcome break from the non-stop drawing. You can check out Pete's blog HERE.
This last photo was taken by Neil at the end of the day to show everyone on Twitter the finished window. I highly recommend checking Schuh out. On top of the fact they sell lots of great shoes they also stock a good array of UK size 12 which is fantastic for me as I suffer from large feet and usually have a very limited choice for foot wear.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Nobrow Packing Tape

A little while back Nobrow asked me to design their new packaging tape for their online orders to be wrapped in and here is the result. Alex from Nobrow asked me to illustrate a parade of animals all reading books in just two colours. Due to popular demand the tape is being sold on their online shop for £6.50 a roll but currently only a very limited amount is available. Click HERE to purchase the tape. Each roll is 66 metres in length and 5cm wide, the pattern is 40cm long and then repeats for the remainder of the tape's length. Below is a quick rough sketch of the design. Notice how quite a lot of the animals have changed places and the Bear and Gorilla have changed drastically from the first rough to the final full colour design.
Here is the full 40cm design.

Monday 18 April 2011

Masks Series Part 1

Over the past two weeks, I've found time to work on a personal project and I finally feel genuinely excited and enthusiastic about drawing again. I've really enjoyed experimenting without any pressure and I have found that the ideas for other images in this series are starting to snowball. I'm taking a little break from working on them at the moment to concentrate on commercial work but this is the first half of a series of prints titled 'Masks' that will be available in the near future. Once the collection is complete they will all be sale at my solo show in September. Enjoy.

Monday 11 April 2011

Public Display of Affection Sign

Cent magazine asked myself and four other designers if we would like to create a sign for their latest issue. We had to create a sign that each of us felt was missing from the world. I chose to create a sign to endorse 'Public Displays of Affection' (PDA). I'm not talking about outdoor sex in public places or dogging in a layby, I'm talking about how nice it is to see people happy together and unafraid or embarrassed to show affection for each other in a world where bad news is reported at a premium. You can read my full explanation in the image below if you click on it. You don't have to but I thought I'd at least give you the option.

The Spring/Summer issue of .Cent magazine, guest edited by photographer Minnie Weisz, is out mid-April. For more details, please visit www.centmagazine.co.uk