Tuesday 26 April 2011

NSPCC Foyer Images

A little while back myself and numerous other illustrators were asked by the NSPCC to create images to brighten up their foyer for visitors. We had to choose from a variety of words and I picked 'tiger' and 'robot'. A simple but incredibly fun brief. Below are the final illustrations and some shots of the illustrations hung in the foyer.
Here are some shots of the illustrations hung in the foyer. Thanks to Ashley May for his involvement in the project and for send the photos over.


Gabyo said...

Oh, these are beautiful, I love how they suit the frames! I guess it reminds me of old late eighties photos...oh well just wanted to say hi and good job :)

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One of my favorite collections is paintings. Those paintings that you have featured were truly beautiful. I want to have them too!

Anonymous said...

Those are great' it reminds me of Egypt with those arts..

Cheap Flights To Bali said...

Not a typical painting but it was nice. Not all has a talent like yours. I'm not good in painting nor drawing but i appreciate those arts.
Keep it up.

jerzy said...

Go for it...those are great..we did a project last Spring that had plain walls in the foyer & stairwell... beautiful.

Boats For Sale Australia said...

Your kids will definitely love that. Great choice of images.

Unknown said...

Nice design.

Randwick said...

Awesome stuff! The artwork is great - from the concept to the images, the frames and the general arrangement patterns. They definitely enliven the foyer. Very inspiring, indeed! :)