Monday 21 February 2011

Mural for BodyTech Gym, New Zealand

The incredible Pete Rana from the BodyTech Gym in New Zealand got in touch with me just before Christmas to design a mural for his new gym. The mural changed into a super giant piece of work printed on canvas and stretched over a metal frame (similar to how old billboards use to be). Anyhoo, Pete wanted me to adapted my 'Jungle Gym' piece for Nobrow issue 2 so that it could be blown up to 9.5 metres by 3.5 metres. Seeing the photos below really puts the size into perspective. Whoa! Its pretty bloody big. Thanks again to Pete for asking me to create this for his gym and also for the great encouragement he provided me. Total dude! I hope to work with him again soon. Above is one of my roughs for the project and below is the adapted final version.
Here are some photos of the 'Jungle Gym' in the BodyTech Gym. I'm very pleased.