Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Printing at SNAP

I had a fantastic time screenprinting at SNAP studios today. Tom Frost and I spent the day under the watchful eye and handy hands of Lucie Sheridan. It was such a great change from being cooped up at home by myself. We even managed to break for a pub lunch. Purrfeck!

Heres my bulbous body printing my reds.

Lucie's first layer of her robot card.

A row of my red layers.

Tom and his finished print.

Heres a close up.

A row of 'celebrity squares'.

The finished 'celebrity squares' print.
If you wish to see more of Lucie's work then check out www.luciesheridan.co.uk and www.snapstudio.org.uk/artists/index.php. To see Tom's work go to www.gumboillustration.co.uk. Thanks for reading!

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