Wednesday 10 February 2010

'Ouroboros' Out Now!

I am very pleased to announce the release of my debut comic book, Ouroboros, which has been published by the super kind folk at Nobrow. The book is printed in three spot colours on an off-white Munken paper and is retailing for £8.50. You can buy it now from the Nobrow website and the first 40 people to buy this regaling tale of utter futility will receive a signed copy for no extra charge! Still need convincing? Well, read this insightful review by Bobby Jewel to help make up your mind.

Inspired by the mythical serpent Ouroboros, Ben Newman brings the reader on a tale of action and adventure that juxtaposes brutal violence with ecstatic comic exuberance. Where our protagonist fights a band of rogue, thuggish, drug peddling perverts after they murder his newly beloved mermaid.

Brought to life in a world of Newman's trademark bold style and visually arresting use of colour and timing; Newman plays with the theme of life, death and rebirth across 24 pages of vivid and original story telling. As described in the book, Ouroboros ‘is that which is forever done, but which may not be undone, it is life and death intertwined. Both chicken and the egg... but also Sunday dinner'.

Here are some sample pictures that Nobrow have taken for you, dear reader, to enjoy. Hubba hubba!
For those of you in Bristol, you'll be able to purchase 'Ouroboros' from the Here Gallery on Stokes Croft Road, where I'll be signing copies from 7.30pm until 9pm on the 2nd March. So come along and say hi!


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Tilen said...

very nice! well done

Tom said...

I have touched it, smelt it and I think I love it. Well done old chum!

Anonymous said...

amazing, got mine last week and its totally awesome, some of my students think your work is super!!!