Friday 21 May 2010

The Evolution of Neko-mata

(Running from left to right is Neko-mata featured in Nobrow 1 (2009), The Bento Bestiary Limited Edition (2009) and The Bento Bestiary (2010)). My blog has been pretty quiet of late due to an intense workload. One of the projects that is taking up a large serving of my time is the brand spanking new hardback version of the Bento Bestiary that will be available from all good bookshops in October. I'm redesigning the whole thing almost from scratch and thought it would be interesting to show the evolution of one of my favourite Yokai. Neko-mata is an old possessed cat that torments it's owner. Any more details would ruin the fun. I'll post some more teasers in the coming months. Thanks for reading.

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