Thursday, 9 December 2010

Illostribute to Earl Oliver Hurst

Featured above is my contribution to the fantastic illostribute blog run by a very, very lovely chap called Toby Neighbors. Each illostribute post looks at a grand-master of illustration from yesteryear and after running through a short study of their work, a selection of current/
modern illustrators are asked to pay tribute to them by creating a piece of work in the spirit of the featured artist. This recent post looks at Earl Oliver Hurst and you can see the picture I chose to pay homage to below. Click HERE to head over to illostribute to see what all the other brilliant illustrators did (check out my good chum Stuart Kolakovic's contribution, it's bloody brilliant).


Nobrow said...

this is my favourite thing ever! you da best!

Abz said...

great art! ;) nice job

josé elgueta said...

very amazing work