Friday 16 September 2011

Life and Fate for BBC Radio 4

I was asked by creative agency Devilfish to create a bold, Russian-style poser to advertise the upcoming BBC Radio 4 dramatisation by Kenneth Branagh of Vasily Grossman's novel 'Life and Fate', which was so controversial at its time of publication that it was banned. Some say it was the only book to ever 'be arrested'.
Once the poster images were designed, Devilfish approached me about the idea of creating an animation to advertise the radio show on BBC television. I suggested the fantastic Wonky Studios. I worked as character and element designer on the animation and Wonky did an amazing job of storyboarding and animating this 30 second promo, just watch the video below to see for yourself. Thanks to Devilfish and Wonky for all their hard work. It looks great! Daniel Binns was the animator on this project check out his site HERE.

Agency: Devilfish Creative
Senior partner: Richard Holman
Creative director: Lee Edwards
Designer: Ben Newman @ Pocko
Production/ animation company: Wonky Films.


Unknown said...

Saw this after Torchwood yesterday. Looks great!

jazzlamb said...

Hey, I saw this at the devilfish presentation at the Kyoorius designyatra in India! WOW, now I can boast about knowing you and all! ;) Great stuff!

Jack Hughes said...

Yes! I saw on the old telephonic screen and gushed a little. Well done!

Charlotte Done said...

brilliant!! I'm so impressed!

kellie said...

Lovely! More drawings on the radio is what we want.

kellie said...

. . . reminds me of this recent conversation about the heyday of illustration in the Radio Times. One door closes, and another . . ?

Katie said...

oh! i've been listening to this this week. fantastic job on the illo. :)