Saturday 28 April 2012

Ghost of Gone Birds/Birdlife Research Trip to Malta

It's been a very busy month and on top of commissions and the Pictoplasma festival, I went on a research trip to sunny Malta with the Ghost Of Gone Birds team. Cery Levi, the man behind Ghosts, and a group of artists went to volunteer for Birdlife to help understand what is happening there in regards to hunting legislation and the migration of exotic birds that stop off in Malta on their travels. As well as formulating ideas of how best to visually represent the situation there, we got to learn how bad the hunting is in Malta. So many endangered birds are killed in incredible numbers and illegally to boot.

We started each day at 4.15am and after a 10am-1pm break we were back out in the fields again monitoring hunters and the migration patterns of birds until the sun set. It was extremely tiring but hugely rewarding work. Thank you to everyone at Birdlife and the Ghost Of Gone Birds team for a unique and fascinating experience. In the coming months I'll post work in progress shots of the work that I'll be producing for a group show based on the artists experiences of the trip.

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