Wednesday 30 September 2009

Creative Review film the Bento Bestiary

Thanks to Ollie from Play Nicely for emailing me the link to this, it made my bloody day.


littlemithi said...

Thats SOOOooooo cool! :)

saw you walking round with lots of boxes today ... and also hear you'll be tutoring the 3rd years ... YAY!

Unknown said...

Nice work Mr Newman! The video's made me wondering, what sort of resolution can you screen print too?! The text in the copy I saw was pristene, never thought it through!

Still got your DVD too :( will drop it off soon!

Luc Melanson said...

Wow, a "making of". Very cool!!! I'm even happier to own a copy.

Nobrow said...

I suddenly feel really stupid for never sending you a link to this, it's been on youtube for 3 weeks! sorry mate!

Luis Demano said...

Hello Ben!!

How can I buy your wonderful book??

I live in Spain!!

Eric McGrew said...

That is very cool. Love the art and the short run stuff nobrow is doing. Keep up.

Nobrow said...

For Luis,
you can buy Ben's beautiful book here
it is hand printed by Nobrow in east london and costs £40