Friday 18 September 2009

POCKOSHKO Opens at Magma

POCKOSHKO opens this weekend exhibiting across all 3 Magma stores as part of London Design Week. The show involves 20 international Pocko artists and will showcase a set of Russian dolls by various Pocko illustrators including Paul Bower, Tabas, Kinpro, James Braithwaite and many others. Above is the full set of my dolls that will be exhibited. It's nice to see them together at last.

On another note, I highly recommend checking out Nick White's new book called 'People I've never met & conversations I've never had' published by Nobrow. I picked up my copy at the launch yesterday and it is hilarious and looks amazing too. Shazam!


I LIKE IT DO YOU? said...

ben your dolls look a m a z i n g
and they are so happy to be together as a family again!

ps. its pockoshko..not poskoshoko!

Ben Newman said...

WHOOPS! Thanks for letting me know Ali I've just changed it. I can't pronounce it so I figured I'd probably end up spelling it wrong. See you soon.

Andy Gabrysiak said...

These are beautiful!

Marcus Butt said...

cool, ill have to head down there and check these bad-boys out !