Monday 21 March 2011

A Sample of the Animated 'Ouroboros'.

Howdy Folks! Here is a 29 second glimpse of an animated test for my comic book, 'Ouroboros', published by Nobrow Press. FYI- you can buy the comic HERE. Anyhoo, hurry up and click play!
This test sample has been put together by the fantastic, Daniel Binns (click on his name and check out his showreel... A M A Z I N G!). I can't thank him enough for bring the story to life.

I've been trying to think up some ways to raise funds for this project so that I can pay Daniel to finish the animation. I'd also like to raise enough to pay musicians to score the film. I have some exciting ideas for that but lack resources so if anyone has any ideas of ways to help raise some dollar or feels they can help then all input would be hugely appreciated. Post a comment, email this to a friend or send me an email at It would be great if we could circulate this sample and see if it picks up steam. Thanking yous.


Phil Toodle said...

Hi Ben, the animation looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

You're probably aware of these two projects, but just in case you aren't; The Bolex Brothers are selling the bottom left corner of each frame of their Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers film, to help pay for it, and Wonky, the animators of Laugh Your Head Off have got loads of film-funding ideas on their website.

Good luck with the fund raising.

Ben Newman said...

Thank, Philip. I have a couple of ideas about selling prints to raise some cash. Daniel actually works for wonky and the idea of a movie based screen print to raise money came from them.

z,n3lq said...

do a kickstarter project/video with this!